Rs. 1000.00(including shipping Cost)

Horsetails Hair Oil 50ml

Horsetails is 18 herbs for Hair Length, Dark, Thick and Nature hair. No dandruff and grayhair. 3 bottles per Order. Just morning 2 hours before bath apply few on your scalp and rub well for 5 minutes with fingers.

439 reviews

Rs. 1160.00 (including shipping Cost)

Immunity Booster 500 gm

Immunity boosting medicine for Men and women. This medicine solves nerves problems, tiredness and weak sex erection. Take this medicine for 3 month.

12 reviews

Rs. 650.00(including shipping )

White Discharge 60 Caps

Females getting White Discharge. If thick, white discharge goes along with other symptoms, such as itching, burning and irritation, it is probably due to a yeast infection. If not, it is normal discharge. Its a Siddha medicine from Dr.Agasthia Ethiest.

31 reviews

Rs. 650.00 (including shipping Cost)

Pain Relief Oil 100ml

Guarantee on solving pains on bone joints and burning pains. Benefit for severe arthritis patients. It contains 5 herbal oils and baptized herbal juices boiled by direct sunlight for 45 days. Package cost for treatment 1,80,000 INR ++ - 6 month more..

15 reviews

Rs.750.00(including shipping)

Psoriasis Oil (original) 180ml

Successfull medicine for psoriasis and Few more skin diseases, vitiligo, spider bites and rotten wounds. Package cost for treatment includes Tonics, and authentic medicines- 3 month.

18 reviews

Rs. 1360.00(including shipping Cost)

Asthma | TB Capsules 50Nos

Solves issues on lungs from wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, etc. You can stop using artificial inhaler. Naturally your all kind of breathing problems solved. Treatment Package cost 1,00,000 INR - 6 month.

18 reviews

Rs. 500.00(including shipping Cost)

Anti-Viral Fever 100 Gm

High fever (More than 104) pain in the joints, Headache, Bleeding from mouth, gums, Nose, Body pain Tiredness destroys all types of fever like Swine flu, malarial fever, chikungunya, Dengue Fever and fevers with shivering.

18 reviews

Rs. 1990.00(including shipping Cost)

No Diabetes 400 Gm

Stop Diabetes type 1 and type 2 in 15 to 30 Days. Complete cure in 3 to 5 months medications. Avoid injecting insulin in 15 days. Generates natural insulin from pancreas. Boil this Medicine in water and drink every Morning.

18 reviews

Rs. 990.00(including shipping Cost)

PCOS Cleaner 180 ml

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Indian Medicine will clear is problem without any surgery. Advice to take 15 bottles to cure this diseases. No body pain, headaches, vomit, etc. Package cost for treatment 60,000 INR - 4 month.

18 reviews

Rs. 4770.00(including shipping Cost)

Vitiligo - Leucoderma Intake Herb powder

Vitiligo ,is a distressing skin condition. Complete cure in 4 to 6 month. Herbal medicine available for intake. Treatment Package available 6 months..

15 reviews

Rs. 4500.00(including shipping Cost)

Kidney Stone Remover - Kit 1

Kidney stone will be crushed naturally and removed through urination in 2 days successfully. No pain, No side effects, Not required surgery

15 reviews

Rs. 15000.00(including shipping Cost)

Kidney Fail Cure 1 Kg

Herbal Extracts for CKD/RKD. Kidney failure will be solved fastly. Take 6 Kg medicine for 6 months. Creatinine and Urea counts down every day. Get lab report every month. 100% successful medicine.

18 reviews